Monday, July 28, 2014

5th Uchinanchu Festival Karate and Kobudo Exchange at the Budokan in Okinawa, 2011

Okinawa Prefectural BUDOKAN Arena, Naha.

       If you happen to know who the performers are and any other information, please comment on the Youtube videos and I will update them accordingly.  The following is a playlist of some demonstrations I was able to record at the Karate and Kobudo Exchange in Okinawa during the Uchinanchu Festival.  I did not capture every performance, so I apologize if you, or your favorite, do not appear here. Any information is appreciated!  There isn't much to say but it was an amazing experience to be there alongside so many amazing martial artists.  Apologies for some camera hiccups here and there, I had several people operating the camera throughout.
I present to you now, some of the finest martial artists in the world performing in front of the greatest masters of Karate, at the birthplace of Karate. 

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